Payment now possible via Direct Debit

Dear Customer,

We have recently added another payment option: Direct Debit. If credit card payments or bank transfers are not ideal for settling your account with us, then this third option may just be the answer, particularly if you order from us on a regular basis. 

How can I sign up for Direct Debit?

Existing customers: When we send you our invoice by email we will now include a link to the online application form which you can complete, and we will do the rest.

New customers: If you are a new customer and wish to order from us, we will send you a "Welcome" email with details on payment options which will also include a link to the online application form.

If you experience any problems or have further questions, then please don't hesitate to get in touch with us:

TRB Chemedica (UK) Ltd
Tel. 0845 330 7556