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VISMED® GEL & VISMED® GEL MULTI are still available

No manufacturing or supply problems with VISMED® eye drops

A number of dry eye patients have recently called us to ask whether there are any manufacturing or supply issues with VISMED® GEL or VISMED® GEL MULTI (both containing 0.3% sodium hyaluronate). This is because their regular pharmacy told them that the two products were unavailable.

We can categorically say that there are no general supply issues with these two products. If you are told by a pharmacist that the eye drops are unavailable from them you could either go to a different pharmacy, or buy VISMED® eye drops online. Our website has more information on how to get VISMED®.

We are currently trying to resolve this issue with the wholesaler. Please let us know if you've experienced this situation by writing to us on That would be really helpful.




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