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VISMED multi


VISMED® MULTI is identical with the classic version of
VISMED®, but is presented in a new intuitive preservative-
free multidose dispenser. The new bottle is precise and
has a reproducible drop delivery system in an easily
squeezable soft polymer container.
This practical bottle is simple to use and can be kept for
3 months after opening, which makes VISMED® MULTI
economical to use without losing the benefits of VISMED®.

VISMED® MULTI is preservative-free and suitable for
all types of contact lenses. It contains 10ml of
VISMED® which is the equivalent to 30 monodose units -
around 250 drops of 0.18% sodium hyaluronate. The bottle
will remain sterile for up to 3 months after first use. 



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For further information on VISMED® (same strength in single-dose vials) please click here.

For information on VISMED® GEL MULTI (same bottle, higher concentration) please click here.

VISMED® MULTI is available on the NHS and can be prescribed by a clinician (e.g. your GP, Optometrist, or Ophthalmic Consultant). However, you can also purchase VISMED® MULTI over the counter (OTC) from your local pharmacy, even without a prescription, or you can buy it on the internet, by following the link when you click on the BUY NOW button below. Please also see our How to get VISMED page for further details.

Price: GBP ?8.17 (plus P&P and VAT)

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How does the new bottle work? Please click below to download

and print off leaflets as required:

VISMED MULTI Patient Information Leaflet
  VISMED Range Patient Information Leaflet 

Prescribing Information

Health Professionals:

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