Sodium Hyaluronate

What does sodium hyaluronate do? 

Sodium hyaluronate (also known as hyaluronic acid
or hyaluronan) is a natural substance. It is present in
the body wherever moisture is stored or lubrication
between layers of tissue is required to eliminate

Examples are the vitreous body of the eye itself, the
tear film, the joint cartilage, the synovial fluid in the
joints, all the mucuous membranes of the body, but
also the basic substance of the skin which consists
of up to 55% sodium hyaluronate . 

Sodium hyaluronate takes on a variety of functions: 

  • Storage: it absorbs and stores moisture
    in enormous quantities
  • Lubrication
  • Transport medium for nutrients
  • Filter for inflammatory molecules.

Sodium hyaluronate

It may help to visualise sodium hyaluronate as a dish of spaghetti (this is what the molecules look look like under an electronic microscope): a dense mesh that remains elastic and flexible in spite of its density and interwoven structure.

Comfortable eyes with sodium hyaluronate

All the VISMED® range of eye products are based on sodium hyaluronate, which is an ideal, physiologic tear film substitute. In fact, sodium hyaluronate is considered to be the 'gold standard' constituent in the ideal Dry Eye treatment. VISMED® is the only lubricant eye drop preparation with sodium hyaluronate that also contains essential ions, potassium and magnesium. These ions are found in natural tears and play an essential role in maintaining the correct function of the cornea. VISMED® eye drops are intended to act as artificial tears and relieve the symptoms that Dry Eye causes by simulating the natural tear film of the eye, providing the moisture and lubrication that the eye needs to function more comfortably.

This is how it works: the sodium hyaluronate in VISMED® eye products coats the ocular surface like a subtly moisturising film, and keeps the surface of the eyes moist. Consequently, the sensitive structures of the surface of the eye are protected and supplied with the necessary stabilising effect of an almost natural tear film (more on how sodium hyaluronate works...).

You will feel immediate relief from the symptoms of dryness, burning and grittiness for extended periods, and your eyes will be comfortable again.


Between blinks sodium hyaluronate forms a protective coating


Under shear stress (blinking), sodium hyaluronate molecules align and spread easily over the cornea


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